Diwali Kulture Krate

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Our Diwali krate helps you share the traditions and true meaning of Diwali with your kids. Each box is full of crafts, coloring pages, a snack, and more! Here is a look at what you will get:

Crafts & Decorations

  • DIY Diyas 
  • Confetti poppers to mark the beginning of the Diwali celebrations 
  • A Kandil (lantern) kit
  • Rangoli with stencils
  • A bar of Rose Pistachio Dark Chocolate from Madhu Chocolate

Reading & Learning

  • Learn the history behind Diwali and fun facts about the holiday
  • Diwali greeting cards to color and fill with messages of joy and happiness!
  • Diwali celebration decor as a Diwali banner, label cards, etc. which the kids can color
  • Activity Sheets

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